Following the GNS1.2 WG and RG that debuted in 2019 — and that won the Mechanical Exception Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) the same year — this year Genus introduced a new version in Damascene Titanium.

The GNS1.2 TD Damascene Titanium timepiece is the result of ten years of research, three years of development, and the subject of two patented inventions.

Like it’s siblings in white and rose gold, the latest GNS1.2 model comes in a case measuring 43 mm x 13.1 mm, and uses the same movement technology. Primarily, what’s new, are the damascene titanium case, crown, and buckle.

Genus GNS 1.2 TD Damascene Titanium

The Genus GNS 1.2 TD is carved by an expert metalsmith from a block of Damascene Titanium. Using a blow torch to heat surface and create the unique striped pattern on the metal that’s unique to each watch.

Genus GNS 1.2 TD Damascene Titanium

Designed in-house and manufactured in the Genus workshop, master watchmaker Sébastien Billières is the person behind the unusual display of time. Driven by a manually wound mainspring, caliber 160W-1.2 is built with an 18K solid gold main plate and bridges. It beats at 2.5Hz, has 418 components, 26 jewels, 50-hours of power reserve — and uses a traditional escapement with Swiss anchor, balance spring, and variable inertia balance wheel.

Genus GNS 1.2 TD Damascene Titanium

While the regulating assortment is traditional, the display on the dial side is anything but usual. There are no hands or dial, per se. Instead, twelve satellites, one for each hour, make a complete revolution along the peripheral of the movement, once every twelve hours. A fixed white arrow on the left points to the current hour.

Genus GNS 1.2 TD Damascene Titanium

For the tens-of-minutes indication, double-sided triangular tips rotate around two numeric displays in the center of the watch face, and a single white double-tipped pointer indicates the current time in 10-minute increments. In conjunction with this, the fixed arrow in the small display located at 3 o’clock points to the minutes as they rotate around it, similar to the hour display. The result from this is combined with the 10-minute display to have in order to read the precise minutes.

Genus GNS1.2 TD time display diagram

As time changes, the mechanical action is on display thanks to the dial-free design. To remain in the reading direction, the satellites re-orient themselves and pivot 90 degrees every 3 hours. Additionally, the hour numbers are molded from luminescent material, allowing for a visual show of the mechanics in action, even in the dark.

Retail is $154,000. Learn more at Genus.

Genus GNS 1.2 TD Damascene Titanium

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