MB&F gives early holiday present to all owners in the form of an across the board warranty extension for ALL timepieces they have ever made.

Via an email newsletter sent to owners today, MB&F has just announced an unprecedented warranty extension for ALL of the timepieces the brand has EVER produced. Regardless of where you purchased the watch, all timepieces are receiving a two-year warranty extension! You may have seen Rolex and Audemars Piguet adding warranty extensions for some of their modern/newly purchased pieces, but extending the warranty on any watch ever purchased is totally new.

Also notable is the launch of the manufacture’s new “The Tribe” initiative. Which seeks to unite owners and friends of the brand in a new online portal. www.mbandf.com/thetribe

Official statement on the warranty extension:

“Oh, and one more thing…to celebrate the end of this amazing year, we have a special gift for all collectors of MB&F Machines: an extended 2-year warranty. Yes, you read that correctly: for every single Machine we’ve ever crafted – about 1,500 pieces since the creation of our horological lab – regardless of their age and how they were acquired, we are offering an extra 2 years’ movement warranty on top of existing guarantees.”

Posted by:Josh Shanks