Japan is renowned for creating products built with incredible quality.  Everything from electronics, cameras, cars, whisky, and denim are coveted, around the world, by those that appreciate attention to detail. As you likely know, Japanese watches, especially Grand Seiko, are widely recognized alongside the Swiss for their excellent design, manufacturing, finishing, and so forth.

With that said, it’s no surprise that boutique watch manufacturer, Minase, which is part of Kyowa & Co, a toolmaker established in 1963, is producing well crafted, artisanal timepieces. Sold exclusively in Japan since 2005, Minase, is Japan’s smallest watch manufacture, creating fewer than 500 units per year.

Minase Divido

According to the company, their products embody the philosophy and true meaning of “Monozukuri,” which literally means “production” or “making of things” in Japanese and is the Japanese term for “manufacturing.” The broader meaning encompasses a synthesis of technological prowess, know-how, and spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices, according to Wikipedia.

Pictured top is the Minase 7 Windows Stainless Steel limited edition which retails for CHF 10,900. The second image is the Divido Stainless Steel that retails for CHF 4,680.

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Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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