Rainbow-colored timepieces and a significant trend we see a lot of nowadays.

G-Shock has wasted no time fleshing out rainbow-hued colorways. In fact, they’ve already dropped two in 2021, one in Full Metal 5000 form, and the other a GM-6900. With this release, Casio is tripling down on their rainbow game for 2021. Introducing, the MT-G Blue Phoenix Limited Edition MTG-B2000PH2A.

Featuring the same dimensions and structure as the MTGB2000D that we reviewed last year, the MTG-B2000PH2A replaces the carbon bezel with a multi-colored ion-plated steel bezel and a matching case. The rainbow spectrum continues on the dial and the translucent jelly strap.

Apart from these aforementioned aesthetic changes, this watch is equipped the same — including a sapphire crystal, Carbon Core Guard structure, and premium technical features such as Tough Solar Power, Multiband 6, and Bluetooth® connectivity — as the regular production MTG2000D that costs $100 less at $1,000.

While blue is the primary color used,  hence the name “Blue Phoenix” — the rainbow IP finish of this model varies from yellow-to-red gradation over a light blue base color. Further, the double rainbow IP finish is applied in a two-toned pattern with horizontal gradation on the bezel and vertical gradation on the case. Perhaps best of all, the subtle color variations in the rainbow ion plating process result in unique patterns that mean no two models are the same. Moreover, the multicolored dial features hues of pink, blue, yellow, and orange, while the translucent navy-blue jelly band evokes the image of the Blue Phoenix rising from the ashes and flames.

The G-Shock MT-G Blue Phoenix Limited Edition MTG-B2000PH2A retails for $1,100 and will be available beginning next month.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.