The Dream Factory was a four brand exhibition space located in the Palace Hall, during Baselworld last month. The four brands that exhibited in the Dream Factory were Christophe Claret, Urwerk, MB&F and Speake Marin. All four companies offer high-end, ultra limited quantity timepieces that are more about being unique and artistic, than they are about making complications. Still, the difficulty in creating timepieces of this level is extremely high, even if most of these pieces are not considered to be “complicated” timepieces by traditional definitions. For example, when MB&F makes a watch with a 6mm thick sapphire crystal that acts as the case, it is not considered a complicated watch. However, it is undoubtedly complicated to produce.

It would be hard to pick just one favorite within this group of timepieces. Most of what MB&F does really appeals to me. And the polished black platinum Urwerk watch (pictured below) has one of the nicest finishes I have ever seen on a watch. It is platinum, fully polished, with a light black tint to it (on the right).

The price ranges of the watches pictured above is $50,000 to $500,000.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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