This week, independent watchmaker Urwerk debuted the UR-100V “Blue Planet” with a new blue color scheme, and an updated movement.

If you remember the UR-100 Spacetime or the UR-100 GunMetal, you’ll notice that this watch has a “V” added to the end of the model number. This alludes to the updated movement that powers the latest UR-100 based Blue Planet. The new movement features a redesigned carousel, that brings the hours closer to the minutes scale, for enhanced legibility.

Apart from the redesigned carousel, functionally, the UR-100V is no different from the UR-100, and dimensionally, it measures the same at 41 mm in diameter by 14 mm thick. Hours are displayed via Arabic numerals located on one of three carousel pods (planets), and minutes are indicated on the retrograde scale by way of a lime green arrow connected to each hour pod (planet).

Urwerk UR-100 vs UR-100V
Urwerk UR-100 vs UR-100V. See that the 8 o’clock hour marker has been moved closer to the minute scale for enhanced legibility on the version on the right.

The same astronomical function as seen on the original UR-100 is retained, as explained by Urwerk, “The astronomical action takes place under a large observation dome, where, upon finishing indicating the minutes in the 0-to-60 arc along the bottom of the dial, the vivid green and yellow arrowhead hand (one of three) disappears – only to reappear at 9 o’clock to track the 555.55 kilometers the earth rotates at the equator every 20 minutes. The hand then reappears again at 3 o’clock to display a kilometer counter tracking 20 minutes of the earth’s revolution around the sun (35,742 kilometers).”

Practically every element of the watch and movement — including the automatic regulated Windfänger turbine (rotor) —  are blue. Depending on the component, the optimum blue color was achieved by a variety of methods.

Urwerk UR-100V Blue caseback

For instance, the case is blue PVD stainless steel with a blue PVD titanium caseback and a blue PVD sandblasted steel crown. Additionally, the mainplate, rotor, turbine, planet carrier all feature a blue PVD treatment as well. The textile strap is blue, with a black leather lining. Interestingly, the screws on the dial side, are made of titanium and have been flame-blued using a technique that’s unique to the Baumgartner family.

Retail is $53,000.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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