Los Angeles-based Weiss Watch Company has just released a new Standard Issue Field Watch in a smaller size 38 mm x 9.7 mm steel case for under $1,000. The original version of the Field Watch measures 42 mm and costs $160 more.

Weiss watch dials proudly read “Los Angeles, CA” despite using a Swiss ETA 7001 movement in this instance. And while some companies such as Shinola have misled consumers with their origin label despite a majority of the components/value coming from outside the US to the point that the FTC intervened, Weiss watches have far more of their value and components created within the United States.

Moreover, it’s generally accepted that the dial can display the local city or country as its origin of manufacture, as long as a majority of the value/components originate locally, which is akin to how the Swiss Made label works.

Considering that the movement is hand finished and assembled in the United States, the case, caseback, and case screws are made in the US, casing up and finally testing are done in the US, and the straps are made in the US –  to me it passes the minimum threshold to call it an American made watch. Some people might not interpret it the same but when you see where all the Shinola parts come from, it becomes more clear what “is” and “is not” made in America.

Weiss Standard Field Issue 38mm

It’s worth noting that the Weiss caliber 1003 movement (not used in the watch shown here), is made almost entirely in the US, according to Weiss. And I think this lends further credence to Weiss’ claim that they are truly American made.

The dials are machined from naval brass and painted by hand, available in either black with white print or white with black print. The contrasting color scheme, clean layout, and luminous Sword-shaped steel hands with black oxide treatment make for an attractive and easy to read military-look timepiece.

The hours, minutes and small seconds are driven by a 3Hz manually wound movement, referred to as caliber 1005, with has a maximum 46-hours of power reserve when fully wound.

Weiss Standard Field Issue 38mm caseback

The front sapphire is domed and beveled while the back sapphire is flat and beveled.

Each Standard Issue Field Watch is an individually numbered limited production timepiece built one at a time by hand and delivered in a custom-built California pine wood box, also made by hand in the USA.

Both dial variations come with an olive green waterproof American military-grade Cordura canvas strap with Lorica lining that’s hand-stitched in Minnesota (20 mm lug width tapered to 18 mm at the buckle). Water-resistance is 100 meters.

Retail is $950.

Learn more at Weiss Watch Company.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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