Following the limited-edition Pure Resonance Sky Blue from last year, Armin Strom worked with Kari Voutilainen again in 2022 to create a Salmon version of the Pure Resonance.

The Pure Resonance Salmon case has the same 42 mm x 12 mm dimensions as the Sky Blue, however, this new iteration comes in stainless steel, not white gold, so the watch is both lighter and less expensive.

The primary off-center dial has a coppery-rose Salmon color and features a barleycorn pattern center section, with Armin Strom’s emblem only logo printed in white at 12 o’clock, just like with the 2021 Pure Resonance Sky Blue, keeping everything as clean and minimalist as possible. Each dial is handcrafted the traditional way, on a manual rose-engine lathe, at the Kari Voutilainen manufacture.

On top are lance-shaped stainless steel hour and minute hands, manufactured in-house, like virtually every component of this timepiece. The center section of the main dial is surrounded by a circular-grained area with white printed Roman numerals marking the hours and a railway-style minute track on the perimeter. Located at 7 and 8 o’clock, is the slightly overlapping small seconds dial, in a matching salmon color, and decorated with a concentric circle patterned guilloché motif and white printed seconds track.

Armin Strom’s Pure Resonance design places the best parts of the manually wound manfacture caliber ARF16 on the dial side and this allows you to admire the gorgeously hand beveled and polished edges of the bridges and components and wide Geneva stripes — without having to flip the watch over.

Armin Strom 2022 Pure Resonance Salmon Limited Edition

You can also watch the dual oscillation system as each balance wheel oscillates at 3.5Hz — rotating in opposite directions — the balance wheels and the individual balance springs just beneath will eventually sync and begin to run at the exact same rate, in resonance, thanks to the patented resonance clutch spring in the center of the two regulators. This phenomenon is both appealing to the eyes and results in marine chronometer-like stability that’s much more impervious to shocks and positional rate variances than traditionally built movements.

“Conceived with the same approach as historical high-precision marine chronometers, where accuracy targets consistency as its sole goal and the device must gain or lose precisely the same number of seconds every single day without variation, the challenge is far greater in a wristwatch that is constantly in motion. In this regard, Armin Strom’s solution can be considered the ‘holy grail’ of marine chronometry,” according to Armin Strom.

The combination of the wide Geneva stripes, beveled and polished edges, and ruthenium-plating on the movement, with the dual resonance oscillators, and the gorgeous Salmon guilloche dial will surely attract serious collectors. The retail price is $60,000 and there are just five examples of the Salmon-colored guilloché dial being produced by Kari Voutilainen for this Armin Strom Pure Resonance Salmon (Ref. ST17-RP.65) limited edition timepiece.

Each Pure Resonance Salmon timepiece is paired with a thick black alligator leather strap and a stainless steel double folding deployant clasp. The depth rating is 50 meters.

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Photos by Armin Strom.

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